To inspire teenagers to ignite their spark and develop a dream

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Everyone is entitled to have a dream no matter who they are or where they come

The Blue Guitar Project (BGP) is a developing charity aiming to give young, underprivileged teenagers aged 14-18 hope, inspiration and direction in life they would never otherwise be exposed to. BGP started off as a single in-school program in August 2014 at Key College in Redfern where the project began as a way to inspire and connect youth with their dreams.

Our creative education solutions utilise 'music to mend and inspire' teenagers to live their dreams. As BGP rolls out in 2016 it aims to partner mainstream schools, both Public and Private, with corporates and brands to support underprivileged school groups around Australia.

We believe the inclusion of both school groups working together will benefit the way teenagers interact and learn from each other, creating valued relationships and an understanding of human differences moving forward - all in line with the three core pillars of humanity (our 3 chords within the program): Unity, Equality and Freedom.

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How the Blue Guitar Project started...