Our 3 Chord (#4UEF - Unity, Equality & Freedom) 10 session in school program empowers youth to develop, celebrate and live their dreams.


In School Project - < "Develop a dream"

Unity is an in school program made up of 10 x 2 hour sessions where students will be creating their dream, of a life they want to live... learning photography, video, art, production and music skills to express their creativity. The program also explores the 'Science of Character' proving we can shape who we are, and who we want to become.

(10-12 students are selected from year 9 or 10 to participate in the term long program)




Youth are inspired to be creative in front of the lens and express who they are and want to become. This opportunity encourages students to be confident, to have fun and to work together as a team as they all play an integral part to the photo.


Students have an opportunity to be a Photographer using the Blue Guitar camera alongside a professional photographer. They have the freedom to capture their subject any way they want as the artist. Post shoot they will load their photos to a portable printer and print out their top 10 photos instantly to hang in the classroom.

Extra Students – all students on each shoot will be given jobs to assist, whether it’s holding reflectors, managing lights, using light meters etc.

All photoshoots are on the same days as Life in Lyrics sessions so classes will be split in half.


LIFE IN LYRICS (Inspiring through music)

Young people have the opportunity to share their life story and vision through song lyrics. This is a chance for them to express themselves and to say what they want to say.

After their exposure to all of the inspiring and motivating experiences throughout the program, the young people will be at a point where they want to share the new way they see themselves, and both reflect on where they have come from and their challenges, as well as the incredible dreams and vision they are seeing of their own potential for the first time.

We work with the youth to create beats to go with their lyrics and to turn their life story into a song.

*10 students will form one song in the end to become their school Blue Guitar Anthem.




Students have the opportunity to make a blue guitar that represents Unity, Equality and Freedom with their partner school in a peer-for-peer workshop.

We provide each group of ten students with their own guitar base so that they may design it to be inline with who they are and who they want to become. Each student chooses a symbol for the Blue Guitar. The guitars are repainted by a motorcycle sprayer with the students designs in mind. The students will then build the newly painted guitar with a guitar builder leading the way.

The Blue Guitar becomes property of the school to be displayed or played as desired.

This is a shared workshop with partner school.




Students create a concept as a class that best illustrates where they have all collectively come from and where they're going in life. We capture this on film to showcase the students and their DREAMS and feature the group and school.

Film shoot day is a specific shoot day for students to EXPRESS themselves. Each Blue Guitar day will also be filmed and documented throughout the program to add to the final school film.



Each student will be given a 100 page manual & USB for their Blue Guitar Program. The workbook includes background, inspiration, exercises and worksheets to match each Blue Guitar session day.

Made for the Teenage Dream.


Youth Exhibition - "Celebrate the dream"


The Blue Guitar Exhibition harnesses reflections, insights and experiences of youth who have completed the Blue Guitar Project. This is a visually powerful exhibition, which focuses on demonstrating the power that music can play on education and on individuals.

The exhibition will comprise of words, symbols, song lyrics, imagery, audio, video and sculpture and shows the youth how important every person is, how beautiful they really are and that they have built a body of work together to share their stories and dreams - and in turn INSPIRE OTHERS.

All students receive a photobook from their project at their exhibition.

Schools will be given two framed photos of each student to hang with a story plaque that can be on exhibit at school.


Blue Guitar Dream Experiences - "Live the dream"



During or after the program we help each student connect to their dream via a dream-adventure day, work experience, contacts, education and other support materials. It gives youth the freedom to choose whatever amazing life they want to live. 

This is aimed to help youth develop their creative potential and instill life skills such as leadership and respect for self and others while working on Blue Guitar projects. 

All the Project activities are designed to help students with their own positive changes: personal, social, emotional & physical.

Dependant on the industry that each youth has identified as their chosen path, we will aim to provide them with the adequate support tools to assist in starting the process to achieving their dream.

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