Roxy Lee, Founder & CEO

Roxy Lee

The Blue Guitar Project was created by Roxy Lee and inspired by a homeless boy named Maguil...

A Rock Music Photographer and Entrepreneur, Roxy has photographed some of the world's major artists in the USA, UK and Australia including Public Enemy, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Michael Buble, Joan Jett, Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran, MIA and Erykah Badu. In her 2012 solo photographic exhibition in Sydney, she featured never seen before, insane up-close & personal shots of artists and The first Blue Guitar endorsed and autographed by pop-icon Katy Perry. 

Rox hails the piece as the inspiration for her career in photography, and the hallmark of her own life-changing journey to freedom.

In 2014 Rox had three works included at the Australian Centre of Photography’s Photostart Exhibitions featuring a homeless boy, an Aboriginal dancer and the Blue Guitar.

In line with The Blue Guitar Project’s motto STRIKE 3 CHORDS #4UEF, Rox recorded three chords on Katy Perry’s Guitarist Patrick Matera’s new album called Echo Letter on the song Tarot Chords late 2013.

Rox continues to encourage music artists from all genres to also Strike 3 Chords for Youth (#4UEF) by playing the Blue Guitar for one song in their concerts as a way to help keep youth off the streets and support teenage dreams.


Our Supporters

David Wommelsdorff
Business Development Advisor
Director of The Creative Shop

Julian Rockett
Legal Advisor & Director, Karma Lawyers

Heather Porter
Digital Marketing Advisor
Co-Founder AutoPilot Your Business

Min Bonwick
Education Advisor (Underprivileged)

Ron Keed
Director of Keed Brothers & Chief Guitar Sprayer


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