Blue Guitar Project helps youth pursue their dreams

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Inspiring teenagers to ignite their spark and develop a dream

Blue Guitar Project's mission is to provide underprivileged youth with equal opportunities to pursue their dreams in line with the three core pillars of humanity (our 3 Chords within the school program): Unity, Equality & Freedom.

Through our three chord program; Unity, Equality & Freedom (#UEF), Blue Guitar Project aims to provide youth with creative education solutions that utilise music to mend and inspire, whilst supporting them to realise their potential and to develop a sense of worth and pride. To afford them with this opportunity is our "dream".

We will support these amazing young people through hands-on education programs, real-life work experiences and mentorship that will help to give these youth a voice and to make their dreams become a reality.

The Blue Guitar is set to change their future. One step, one dream and one school at a time.



Daniel 'D. Minor' Harvey is a 24 year old international recording and performing artist from Sydney, Australia. 

He first gained international recognition in 2015 when he won Gold at the 19th Annual ‘World Championships of Performing Arts’ (WCOPA) held in California, beating 40 other nations, for his track ‘SYD 2 LBC’. He has since been nominated for the ‘NSW & ACT Young Achievers Awards for the Australia Super Career Kick Start Award’ (2016), and has numerous sponsorships including Vodafone and Sony.

He has recently joined forces with Blue Guitar Project as both an Ambassador and Music Mentor. D Minor has been instrumental in developing programs for Blue Guitar Project and to date he has been involved with 12 high schools throughout Sydney, and has mentored 125 teenagers.

Says D Minor: ‘Coming from an underprivileged background with the odds against me, it was only by having the assistance of a school like Key College that got me off the streets as well as the help of the Blue Guitar Project to be able to pursue my passion. It’s now my mission to give back, just as was given to me by so many wonderful people. I call it going from ‘homeless to home run.’

Coinciding with his work as The Blue Guitar Ambassador, D Minor is currently working on his debut EP to be released in 2018. He has recently collaborated with Key College student, Shy Shy, for his first single release ‘Concrete Pillow’: a percentage of which goes to Blue Guitar Project. His dream is to have other artists get on board to help teenagers shape the direction of their lives. 

The Blue Guitar represents dreams coming true out of the blue and building on that dream. It also represents Unity, Equality and Freedom for our youth so their dreams too can come true out of the blue.

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