Children Have the Right to Dream


Engelbert Humperdinck was the 2nd artist to play the original Blue Guitar on stage for one song at Sydney's State Theatre on the 31st October 2015 as a way to raise awareness for the charity. 

On the Eve of Humperdinck's performance the Blue Guitar was blessed with an Aboriginal Guitar Strap. The artwork is by renowned Aboriginal Artist and Revolutionary, Clive Freeman from the Eora Nation representing the Wiradjuri Nation, where his father and grandfather came from - both guitar artists. 

This guitar strap has the DNA of all the past and present ancestors of Australia and the traditional custodians of this great nation. 

The original Blue Guitar will take this sacred strap to the biggest stages in the world to Strike for Chords for Youth (#4UEF - UNITY, EQUALITY & FREEDOM) to inspire youth to reach for their dreams - they really do come true 'Out of the Blue'.