We have started to invite rockstars to play the Blue Guitar on stage for ONE song during their performances as a way to Strike 3 Chords #4UEF - Unity, Equality and Freedom. The Blue Guitar rolls from rockstar to rockstar to raise awareness for the Blue Guitar Project Charity. Rockstars young and old from around the world are playing the Blue Guitar on stage. 


For every major Rockstar who Strikes 3 Chords for Youth and plays the Blue Guitar on stage for one song we will create a customised Blue Guitar Strat in their unique style featuring top of the line mechanics. Each guitar will be marked with a number on the headstock featuring the order of play. This is signed by the musician with their ‘message to youth’ (also known as their Life Lyrics) and in the future seen as part of a touring Blue Guitar Exhibition to benefit underprivileged youth.

CustomRockstarBlueGuitars_LR_IMG_6363 copy

Rockstars Life Lyrics 

"Remember this is only the beginning. For so long you've the passenger. Now it's your turn to take the wheel!!" - Stellar Addiction

"To all you teens use your youth with love and respect. Keep the peace." - Engelbert Humperdinck

"Never ever ever give up on your dreams." - Baz Warne, The Stranglers

"Do the next right thing." - Michael Starr, Steel Panther

"Be your own best critic." - Sarah Mcleod, The Superjesus

“Keep doing what you love even though it’s hard sometimes. It’s worth it in the end.” – Nicole Millar

“Don’t fear mistakes, they’re an essential part of the story!” - Urthboy

“Freedom is what you make...” - Ngaiire

“Never stop dreaming, inhibitions are overrated. Always follow your heart, soul...forget the brain!” – Pierce Brothers

“Be the happiest version of yourself. Positivity is contagious.” – Boo Seeka

“Keep loving yourself. Keep smiling. Keep doing your thing!” – Benson

“Find your love and happiness. Life’s too short to be doing the things you don’t love. The world needs more heroes. Be the welcomed change in the world. Stay inspired! The world needs more guitars too! Peace!” – Harts

“Be you! No matter what anyone tells you, you have the ability to be great, you have the ability to change the world.”  - Bootleg Rascal