Experience the transformative power of music at the Reimagine Your World Music Lab, an initiative by the Blue Guitar Project. Our current lab project, 'Rise Up,' unites global youth in creating an anthem of love and unity. Watch the working draft of the 'Rise Up' music video and song below.

In October 2024, we will launch a new 'Rise Up' lab involving high school students worldwide, guided by Berklee College of Music students, to complete the song for global release. The efforts of these students will be combined with those from our previous lab, ensuring a cohesive and impactful anthem of love and unity.

This lab provides an industry-standard environment for young artists to collaborate on music and video projects, preparing them for careers in the arts. The Rise Up campaign kicks off in the UK with the PEACE concert in November, hosted by S.T.O.R.M Family Center, focusing on raising awareness about youth knife crime in London while launching globally. This concert marks the first live performance of the 'Rise Up' anthem, which will continue to inspire change and empower children's dreams through the power of music, culminating in its global release in 2025. Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved.


Music Lab Testimonials 

"This opportunity gave Compton students direct connections with students from Australia, London, and Japan in a way that has shaped their mindsets that would never have existed without the support of The Blue Guitar Music Lab.

Throughout our 10 years of success in the music industry, we have never seen the type of impact that Blue Guitar is able to provide to underserved youth using cross country initiative before.

Beyond Average Sound is in full support of the Blue Guitar Music Lab and truly this organization will be a pillar in reshaping the future of Arts, Media and Entertainment."

- Raj Will, Beyond Average Sound (USA)


"The Blue Guitar Project was so empowering for our young people; they've all gone on to work in music in some way. Even the schools found out they were studying more, each and everyone of them had a purpose and each week they added more of themselves to the project; to the fact that more young people want to get involved.

Marie Hanson, MBE, BA Business Management, Community Leader & UPF Ambassador for Peace, Director and Founder of S.T.O.R.M Family Centre (former Councillor for Queenstown Ward, Battersea UK)


"For Kansai Music Conference (KMC), introducing Blue Guitar Project in Japan has opened many doors that otherwise may not have been available. This project has great potential to reach and influence youngsters in Japan, and KMC will continue to showcase this potential to individuals, businesses, and organizations whenever possible." 

- Duane Levi, Executive Director, Kansai Music Conference (JAPAN)