The Legend of the Blue Guitar

1. The candy stripe neck inscribed with 'We are all created equal' represents the mission statement of the BGP: to promote equality across the world.

2. The leather patch embossed with ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ reminds us as humans, we all have the right to freedom and equality.

3. Neck plate with ‘1948’ is when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created

4. 'Wild Horses Run Free' appears on the front of the guitar symbolising the BGP's commitment to the pursuit of freedom.

5. Blackheart tuning pegs & the painted love hearts on neck are a reminder that all you need is love. Katy Perry’s favourite part!

6. The red chain represents human unity across the globe.

7. The 5ft span of black and white feathers symbolically honours the North American Indians. It represents harmony between black and white and all cultures. It also honours Timothy Matlack who actually penned the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776 with a feather quill (One of Rox's ancestors).

8. ‘F’ stands for Freedom

9. Tuning peg ribbon art is an infusion of Australian Culture by milliner Neil Grigg.

10. The Aboriginal Guitar Strap blessed the Blue Guitar on the Eve of Engelbert Humperdinck's performance (at the State Theatre). The artwork is by renowned Aboriginal Artist, Clive Freeman from the Eora Nation representing the Wiradjuri Nation, where his father and grandfather came from - both guitar artists. This guitar strap has the DNA of all the past and present ancestors of Australia and the traditional custodians of this great nation.

The strap was made for the first school blue guitar made by 10 homeless teenagers from Key College, Redfern, Sydney, Australia. The original Blue Guitar will take this scared strap to the biggest stages across the world to Strike 3 Chords for Youth (#4UEF  - Unity, Equality & Freedom) to inspire youth to reach for their dreams - they really do come true 'Out of the Blue'.

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