The Legend of the Blue Guitar

The Candy Stripe Neck: "Embracing Ancestral Wisdom" – The candy stripe represents indigenous harmony with nature, a reminder of unity, respect, and interconnectedness, passed down through generations.

'Declaration of the Rights of the Child' Vegan Leather Patch: "Empowering Future Stewards" – The vegan patch, embossed with 'Declaration of the Rights of the Child,' inspires children to be guardians of justice, nurturing their potential for freedom, equality, and justice.

Neck Plate with ‘1924': "Foundations of Tomorrow" – Engraved with '1924,' it marks the journey towards shielding children from exploitation and ensuring their thriving futures.

'Wild Horses Run Free' on the Body: "Unleashing Dreams" – This phrase embodies our commitment to unburden children, granting them the freedom to chase their dreams.

Blackheart Tuning Pegs & Painted Love Hearts on Neck: "Tuning Hearts for Harmony" – Love and compassion shape a just world, reminding us that unity resonates in every note, fostering connections among all.

Blue Body: "Ocean of Possibilities, Earth's Guardian" – The blue body signifies limitless possibilities for children's dreams and underscores our role as guardians of the Earth, ensuring a sustainable and inclusive future for all generations to come.

New York Name Plate: "Global Heartbeat of Dreams" – The New York nameplate carries the collective heartbeat of humanity's aspirations, a crossroads of unity, equality, and justice.

'F' stands for Freedom: "The Freedom Declaration" – The 'F' boldly declares 'Freedom,' a fundamental right that fuels our mission to ensure every child can dream and thrive.

'We are all created equal' inscribed on the back of the neck: "Equality Engraved" – These words reinforce our unwavering belief in equality, a reminder that every child, regardless of origin, possesses the right to dream and shape a brighter future.

The 5ft Span of Black and White Feathers: "Cultural Harmony" – The feathers honor Indigenous and all cultures, symbolizing their interconnectedness in a harmonious world.

The Aboriginal Guitar Strap blessed the Blue Guitar on the Eve of Engelbert Humperdinck's performance (at the State Theatre). The artwork is by renowned Aboriginal Artist, Clive Freeman from the Eora Nation representing the Wiradjuri Nation, where his father and grandfather came from - both guitar artists. This guitar strap has the DNA of all the past and present ancestors of Australia and the traditional custodians of this great nation.

The original Blue Guitar will take this scared strap to the biggest stages across the world to Strike 4 (Unity, Equality, Freedom & Justice) to inspire youth to reach for their dreams - they really do come true 'Out of the Blue'.

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