The Legend of the Blue Guitar

Candy Stripe Neck: Represents our harmony with the Earth, reminding us of unity, respect, and interconnectedness passed down through generations.

Declaration of the Rights of the Child Back Plate: Represents children's right to dream.

Neck Plate with '1924': Represents the year the Declaration of the Rights of the Child was drafted, ensuring children have the opportunity to pursue their dreams while safeguarding them from exploitation. It also emphasizes raising children with the understanding that their talents should be used to benefit and serve others.

'Wild Horses Run Free' on the Body: Embodies the belief that every child should have the freedom to chase their dreams.

Blackheart Tuning Pegs & Painted Love Hearts on Neck: Symbolize the love that unites all of us.

Blue Guitar Body: Represents the limitless possibilities for dreams and how they sometimes come true out of the blue.

New York Name Plate: Embodies the energy of a place where dreams can come true, inspiring hope and opportunity worldwide.

'F': The 'F' stands for 'Freedom,' a fundamental right that fuels our mission to ensure every child can dream and thrive.

'We are all created equal' Inscribed on the Back of the Neck: Everyone is equally entitled to pursue their dreams as everyone else.

The Black Pickguard: Acts as the shield of justice, honoring children's rights. Inscribed on it are our values of unity, equality, and freedom.

The 5ft Span of Black and White Feathers: Symbolizes interconnectedness across all cultures, honoring diversity and unity in a harmonious world.

The Aboriginal Guitar Strap blessed the Blue Guitar on the Eve of Engelbert Humperdinck's performance (at the State Theatre). The artwork is by renowned Aboriginal Artist, Clive Freeman from the Eora Nation representing the Wiradjuri Nation, where his father and grandfather came from - both guitar artists. This guitar strap has the DNA of all the past and present ancestors of Australia and the traditional custodians of this great nation.

The original Blue Guitar will take this scared strap to the biggest stages across the world to Strike 4 (Unity, Equality, Freedom & Justice) to inspire youth to reach for their dreams - they really do come true 'Out of the Blue'.

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